Corporate Flowers

Flowers for the office

Plants and flowers around the office provide a healthy atmosphere and are proved by research to promote a feeling of well being amongst the team which leads to higher productivity rates.

Reception flowers show a pride in the company and an attention to detail which can really make a difference to a clients perception of the company. Whether you're a large or small company flowers and plants in the workplace are beneficial to both team members and clients and can sympolise a successful company.

Our reception flower packages range from £15 to £100 per week.

Employee and client gifts and incentives

Flowers make the ideal gift for employee or client birthdays or other celebrations. A gorgeous bouquet hand-made and personally delivered is a perfect way to thank a client for their business.

Sending a beautiful bouquet can also make a client relationship even stronger, particularly if you've made a mistake and need to say sorry.

Flowers also make a great employer incentive. What better way to reward staff who exceed targets or go the extra mile than a surprise bouquet of flowers.

Corporate flowers for events

Your corporate events really show your clients who they are dealing with and how successful you are, whether it be for a conference or fundraising event our team have lots of creative ideas to make any company event stand out from the crowd so why not give us a call to discuss your event on 01437 763787.